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I am not sure...

...if that means I should not invest my trust in the tracking abilities of Livejournal.  :(  Maybe they scheduled me for the mighty purge *just because.*

Interestingly enough

I got a purge notice, but I have been logged into this account off and on all year to keep up with the journals of people I love.

You know...

I think I'll keep it.  You know... just in case.

Colin Hay

I think he is so wonderful.  *sigh*

My I-Ching Reading

You appeared in a situation when the old purposes are already achieved, and new have not developed yet. You start a new stage of life, but nobody now will come to You to the aid. Be provident. Your good luck already beside though the time to operate has not come yet, wait consider slightly as follows and weigh all. Circumstances will be improved day by day if You will operate cautiously and circumspectly. The happy period of your life just about will begin - to wait remained already not for long. Your desire will be executed in the near future though it is necessary to work for this purpose.

(...and all your base are belong to us)